We are now making our delicate Grappa Cubes from milk and dark ganache, the finest sultanas and delicate chocolate powder with the award-winning grappa from Al Mulinetto. It is distilled from Americana grapes that ripen high above Lake Maggiore in Gordola, southern Switzerland, under the Ticino sun and finds its perfect refinement in this bitter-sweet Brändli delicacy.

The Al Mulinetto grappa has received well-deserved recognition with an outstanding 92 Falstaff points, underlining the winery's tireless dedication to exceptional quality.

As a tribute to this new, exceptional speciality and as a celebration of contemporary creativity, Brändli and Al Mulinetto asked Elena Knecht to design an art poster for the new Grappa Cubes. The young artist from Zurich is known for her creative works, which have already attracted a great deal of attention. Knecht has designed a poster for the new Grappa Cubes that captures the harmony between tradition and innovation. 


130 years of family tradition
handmade in Switzerland
Collection on site possible